My name is Cassie Dionne and I am an orthopaedic and pelvic health physiotherapist and owner of Innova Physiotherapy & Pelvic Health in Kingston, Ontario.

I am also the host of Vino & Vaginas: The Podcast – a podcast I created with the mission to explore health, sexuality, and all topics relevant to being a woman in a fun and safe environment free of shame, embarrassment or stigma. 

I truly believe that everyone should have all of the information, tools, and guidance they need so they can take control of their own life, or specifically their own health. That is why it is so important for me to provide you with as much education, information, tips and tricks as possible to help.

My goal is always to provide as much content as possible to empower you, the amazing humans out there who deserve to feel their best.

More About Me

My mission in life – as a pelvic health physiotherapist and as creator and host of Vino & Vaginas: The Podcast – is to simply open up the conversation and talk about ALL of the things many people are uncomfortable talking about. To help people lean-in to the discomfort and guide them to a place they didn’t know they could be.

A bit more about me – other than being passionate about working with my amazing clients and educating women everywhere about women’s health, I am also on my own journey of self-discovery in health and life. I love being active and learning more about how to optimize my own (and others!) health including learning more about things like longevity, fasting, nutrition, exercise, recovery, psychology, and the list goes on!

I live in Kingston, ON and live for our summers. I am happy as long as I am on or near a large body of water, whether its going for a dog walk, a long paddle or wading in the water for a dip after reading a book.

Take Note:

Preparing yourself to be mentally and physically strong [in pregnancy] is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Coach Vanessa Giguere

You are not alone in experiencing these [sexual] symptoms.

Robyn Jackowich, Phd Candidate

Your menstrual cycle is like a vital sign. It tells you such important information about your overall health.

Dr. Andrea Hilborn

Let’s go on this journey together.

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