Prolonged Sitting and Low Physical Activity can Increase Urinary Tract Symptoms

At this point most of us have heard multiple messages talking about the importance of daily physical activity and the importance of avoiding prolonged sitting for our health, but more and more studies are coming out showing us just HOW critical these things are in ALL aspects of our health!

A recent study published just four days ago decided to look at the association of sitting time and physical activity level on the incidence of lower urinary tract symptoms.


Both prolonged sitting time AND low physical activity level were independently associated with lower urinary tract symptoms. In other words, individuals who sat for long periods of time (even if they were physically active otherwise) had increased symptoms, as did individuals who participated in low physical activity (even if they did not sit for long periods of time).

This is just yet ANOTHER reason to ensure you are including movement and exercise in your daily lifestyle!

How do you do this?

If you are someone who works at a desk all day, find a reason to get up frequently! Use a very small water bottle so you have to get up frequently to go fill it. Take every phone call walking around your office instead of sitting in your chair. Change positions frequently throughout the day. Find what works for you, but get up and move to avoid those periods of prolonged sitting.

And otherwise, work with a coach who can help guide you on how to best incorporate physical activity in to your day!

For link to the study, click here!

Published by Cassie Dionne, PT

Lead Orthopedic and Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, Taylored Training Health Centre

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