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Epidurals Do NOT Prolong Labor

The newest research provides evidence against the popular belief that it does. Good News! A recent study out of the Beth Israel Deaconells Medical Centre shows that having an epidural during the pushing stage of labor does NOT negatively affect the duration of labor. Previous evidence and common sense from health professionals suggested a link… Continue reading Epidurals Do NOT Prolong Labor

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Whole Body Cryotherapy and Ice: Worth the Hype?

Whole Body Cryotherapy seems to be the latest rage, touting amazing benefits for all. But, is it really worth all the hype? Key Points (for those of you who want the Coles Notes) Whole body cryotherapy is an inferior method to cooling subcutaneous and core body temperatures Placebo is likely largely responsible for the positive… Continue reading Whole Body Cryotherapy and Ice: Worth the Hype?